Freelance Writer & Copywriter


Personality driven marketing

for your beauty and fashion e-commerce


I help communicate your brand’s voice and core values

to establish a real sense of connection with your ideal audience 

Need help with a project? This is how I can assist you:


I’m a journalist. I'll pitch, research, interview, write and edit articles on fascinating topics for your online and print publication, customer magazine, trade journal, blog, website… you name it.

I’m a copywriter. I'll produce writing that informs, intrigues and persuades like a journalist, to attract loyalty and engagement as well as enhance your brand's personality and appeal.


Want to combine superpowers to breathe life into your brand’s personality?

Or turn content into customers? Or better yet both?

It's easy! Just follow this 2-step-guide


  1. Have a look at my menu of writing services


2. Get in touch

“Isabel’s texts were fun, catchy and easy to read with no editing needed, and she was never late in submitting impeccable copy even if it was instant news. She was always open to critics and worked smoothly with the rest of the team.” – Mira Mabsout, Fashion Director at Fashion to Max

Why team up with me?


You want your business to thrive. Producing writing that seduces, intrigues and ultimately transforms content into customers is my #1 priority, whether you’re a start-up struggling to create compelling content or a renowned business with no time to update your blog or produce content for your customer magazines.

You want to display the uniqueness of your brand. The content I provide is bespoke and personalized for your business and your specific requirements, whether it’s an in-depth feature, a blog post, newsletter or press release.


You desire expertise. Anyone can write, but not all writing compels, sells and builds loyalty.

My professional background involves creating content for high-profile brands such as ELLE, Vogue Arabia, Elie Saab and Dolce & Gabbana.

You want the best of the best. Having produced content for many a high-profile brand and innovative start-up, I always ensure the finest quality that best suits your brand and your vision.

You want to spend time doing what you do best. Hiring a professional writer will ensure you can spend time doing what you excel at, all while laying back to watch as first-rate, customized content appears to attract and maintain your ideal audience.



Ready to merge powers and bring value to your customers?

Let’s talk and I’ll create a custom-made offer that best suits your business.





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