Writing Services


I work with 2 types of clients: brands and magazines


For your beauty and fashion brand:

Your brand is a rising star with plenty of charisma, image and allure - a one of a kind sensation. But let’s face it, is not getting the recognition it deserves… yet! 

From the services below, we'll discuss what your brand needs and co-create a personalized, custom-made package to best bring your brand into the spotlight:


  • Copy for a weekly or monthly e-newsletter

  • Blog posts

  • Social media content

  • Rewriting

  • Mission statement

  • Landing page

  • Web copy (about me page etc.)

  • Product descriptions

  • Press release

  • Translating – English/Swedish



For your publication:

Your magazine is a tour de force within the publishing landscape. A media maven that stimulates the minds of your readers, stirring engagement and provoking discussion on avant-garde topics.

But you and your team can’t quite keep up turning all those brilliant ideas into content.

Welcome to my smorgasbord of writing services, where you can pick and choose from whichever offers appeal to your taste. An appetizer or a three-course meal? You decide:

  • Reporting on assigned (or pitched) topics based on trends and audience interest

  • Article writing – in-depth features, informative or service articles, inspirational articles, debate & technical articles

  • Editing & Proofreading for clarity and impeccable grammar

  • Profile, expert or celebrity interview articles 


Ready to commit? 

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